What are the Effects of Blue Light?

Blue light is something that surrounds us every single day. It is the thing that makes our sky look blue and because of that, it does some wonderful things for our bodies. But, it is also emitted from a range of different electronic devices and that can cause it to create havoc and mayhem inside of our bodies.

Effects of Blue Light - The Positives

Blue light is part of our electromagnetic spectrum. It can be seen as part of our visible light area, but it is only a few steps away from our non-visible light area.

This makes it quite dangerous because it means that it has short wavelengths and short wavelengths have a lot of energy, whereas, red light has long wavelengths and does not have much energy behind it because it is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Best things about blue light

One of the best things about blue light is that it is directly responsible for our circadian rhythm. Our own exposure to blue light can affect our circadian rhythm a lot, but when that blue light comes from our own sun it makes sure that our sleep and wake cycles are both functioning naturally. This ensures that we are not losing out on sleep that we should be getting unless we have to get up for work with an alarm clock of course.

Blue light is also known to make us feel much more alert and it can affect our reaction times. It can also help to elevate our mood whenever we are feeling down about something. This also explains why people get the winter blues when there are fewer blue skies and more dark nights around.

The Negatives

Blue light might sound wonderful. It can keep our bodies balanced and our minds healthy. It ensures that we sleep when we are supposed to sleep and that we wake up when we are supposed to wake up. It keeps us energized and gives us the ability to react quickly to a range of different situations.

But, blue light is also dangerous and has a negative effect on our bodies. This is because a lot of artificial blue light is emitted from our computer monitors, phones, and other devices that we use on a daily basis.

Blue light is emitted by televisions, monitors, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and certain types of lighting. How often do you use your mobile phone every day? Most people use theirs a lot, and every single time they do they are affecting their body.

Artificial blue light

Artificial blue light can negatively affect your circadian rhythm because it lowers the production of melatonin inside of the brain. Melatonin is the hormone that lets your body know that it is time to sleep.

When less of it is produced, you will be less likely to sleep. In a natural situation, your body would start to make more melatonin as soon as the sun sets, but the blue light that is being emitted by electronic devices means that most people don't start producing enough melatonin early enough.

Our bodies cannot filter in modern technology and work out new ways to behave so we have to help them. For example, by limiting your exposure to electronic devices at night you could help yourself get a better sleep. Researchers have also proven that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause symptoms like eyestrain and eye fatigue.

These are both important things to consider because we rely on technology in the modern world. A lot of people spend their working hours in front of a computer and their personal hours watching television or playing computer games. All of these activities can cause eye strain and eye strain can cause people to become unproductive and unhappy.

One of the things that researchers noticed about this is that a lot of people will simply put up with strained eyes. They might notice that their eyes are uncomfortable, but they probably will not do anything productive about it.

They might have to use a screen frequently, or using a screen could be how they get enjoyment. Naturally, if your eyes are being affected in this way you should do something before your workflow is negatively affected.

Your vision could also start to become blurry due to the exposure to blue light. Blurry vision can make it hard to see what is going on on your screen and that can make it difficult to do anything. Blurred vision can also cause migraines that could make you feel like you need to sit in a dark room.


The problem with blue light and how it negatively impacts our bodies is that most people will simply ignore it and wait for it to go away. Unfortunately, the lasting impact of blue light exposure can be seen in a lot of different studies, where things like degenerative eye problems are quite common.

You should take the steps that you need to take to protect your eyes. Use a filter to stop the blue light that is emitted from your screen from ever reaching your face, or use a pair of blue light filter glasses to stop a lot of blue light from reaching you. Remember that not all blue light is bad, but some blue light is more than enough.

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